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September 1, 2011
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Secret Police miku papercraft by Kitty-Renemi Secret Police miku papercraft by Kitty-Renemi
well! this is my first papercraft XD!
some of you may ask what the small tings in the bottom of the left corner is. and just before you ask.. i will answer... the black things is for her hair and the white thin is a part of her shirt that you will have to glue to the body before you place her head.

Ps. her hair is made the same way as the Kasane Teto Papercraft

Pps. if the hair is too green or too blue. please tell me XD then i will consider making one less blue or less green X'D (or more green or more blue O.o)
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This is adorable! She's one of my favorite papercrafts.
I was wondering if it'd be okay that I edit it to the project diva f version of the outfit.…
I ask this because I really want to have them be like sisters but I dont want to bea bother by asking you to do it oAo;
Oh thank you ;O;!! It makes me really happy to hear that! ;U;!
and that's okay! but if you can wait for about 7 days (or maybe just to friday), I think I can make the few changes to the original (it will have to take that long since I have a huge assignment that I will have to finish before thursday) and post it on DA if you want me to UvU! I actually really miss to make these things so I would be more than happy to actually try to work with it again oUo! 
Really? ;v; Yay! 
That sounds great that would be amazing I'd be glad to wait!
Good luck on your project! ;u;
And also! do you want me ty try to make her boots too? I've made a version with, but without the gray lines it's just some blue lines and a white gloss... shine.. thingy on her boots ;U;
The details being done with grey lines sounds really cool to me! It sounds sort of like light or shine on the edges making those details show up!!
(the delay is fine I'm still really happy about this ;;u;; )
(happiness to the max)
(even higher)
(I feel it's all really up to you in the end though ;v;/ )
Omg I'm so sorry!! I really thought that I had posted the new one!! I will go post it right away! so sorry! (I tried to line up the details on the shoes but it made them look weird so theres a few details missing on them! I will post it as it is now! but if theres something you would like me to change a little bit (or if you want more details on the soes) then just say so okay UwU ?)
It's okay!! I didn't want to bother you about it since you were so nice as to make it for my request uwu.
I really love it a lot and I'm going to make it as soon as I get home to a printer!!
It looks amazing! Thank you so much!!! ;u;! I think the way you simplified the details looks really nice!!
Thank you so much you are so nice this made my many days with this ;w;
I feel like I have so much more to say but I don't have enough words ;__; 

So thank you!! !!! !!! !!!! !!! :la:
Aww ;U;!!!! Np!!! I'm happy to know that it made you this happy! To make you this happy really made it all worth it! ;U;!
(btw. you seem nice tooo!! ;U;!)
And I'm really really really happy to know that you like it this much! 
;U; and you don't need to say more! I think I know how you feel about it now hihi ;U;!
and np again!!! 
Okay! so I'm almost done with the secret police Project Diva f miku papercraft but there's somethin I want to know before I'll be able to complete it (btw sorry for the delay ;A;''!!) Her 'dress' is made of a jacket and a skirt, but since they're all black, it will mean that you won't be able to see any details in the jacket (or any details which reveals that it's a jacket and seperates it from the skirt) if I keep making it the same was as I did the other.
therefor I want to know if you want me to keep it in the same style as the first one (which means no details), or if you want the lines in the jacket to be gray? ;U;? Thought I should ask! 
jimmykudo123 Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
police cool
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